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Ajna (Diana) Advanced Practitioner

$83/hr Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday (Toronto)

Ajna began working at the clinic at Thai Massage Toronto in 2009 and runs the certification exams for new Thai Massage practitioners at TMT. She received all her Thai Massage training and certifications with Deanna Villa through a lineage that originates with Master Picket Boonthume.

Choosing to identify the source of pain and tension over symptomatic relief has set her on a trajectory of self-determined continuing education. She is currently studying Immaculate Dissection®, NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Advanced Anatomy, Integrated Muscle Testing and Palpation®, The Science of Awakening® and hosts workshops on personal transformation and meditation. Previously Ajna studied ballet and contemporary dance for 15 years, and spent the following 10 years choreographing and performing professionally in Toronto and abroad.

Katelynn Senior Practitioner

$75/hr Monday & Thursday (Toronto)

I have always been told that I have a gift for creating positive energy, and possessing the power to heal with my hands; so, when I first experienced Thai Massage, while on a soul searching adventure in Brazil, I fell deeply in love. I was studying yoga at the time, and Thai Massage was part of the curriculum.  I was drawn to the Metta, and encouraged to radiate this ‘Love and Kindness’ with my fellow classmates. Since then I haven’t been able to stop sharing that energy with anyone that will let me. Having traveled to New York on numerous occasions for various workshops in Therapeutic Thai Massage and studying @ Thai Massage Toronto with Master Practitioner Deanna Villa, I finally have all the tools to support my practice with extreme confidence and love. Combined with my extensive background in Dance, and as a Yoga and Pilates Instructor, I believe that Thai Massage is the perfect compliment to my practice and truly settles my soul. I’m now able to help those around me realize the benefits that blossom from this amazing experience. I look forward to every new client.  When comfort in a partnership is obtained, a trusting and lasting relationship is formed. I enjoy the art of healing, and feel very compassionate towards individuals who need a positive, uplifting, yet ultra relaxing session. I look forward to seeing you soon!



Irina Senior Practitioner

$75/hr Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday (Toronto & Mississauga)

My glimpse into marvelous works of the human body started 15 years ago when I took my first yoga class. The new understanding that the physical body, mind, and spirit are woven and working together, forever changed my perception and relationship with the body. Continuing the practice and teaching yoga for a number of years deepened both my respect and curiosity of the infinite wisdom hidden within each of us. Studying Thai Massage with Deanna Villa opened a new chapter on this journey of sensing, and healing. I am truly grateful to be a part of Thai Massage Toronto team and share this art of physical application of Loving Kindness with each person who walks into our doors. Namaste!


Emily Intermediate Practitioner

$70/hr  Thursday, Friday (Toronto)

Having spent fourteen years training in internal and external martial arts, it was a seamless transition into learning and practicing Thai massage as I discovered many of the principles were one and the same. Working on everybody from teens to the elderly, fighters and artists, I’ve seen the transformative effects of this powerful and meditative healing art that diminishes pain while creating relaxation, integration and connection. As a viola student, teacher and performer in classical music for 30 years I’ve constantly explored the mind/body connection in musical ability and performance. Practicing Thai massage offers an abundance of discovery in this field and is a beautiful compliment to life in the arts world. I am so thankful for my continuing training with Deanna, and it is an honor to be part of this team here at TMT. See you on the mat!



Kimberley Senior Practitioner

$75/hr Friday (Toronto)

My journey into becoming a Thai Massage Practitioner started as a very methodical process. As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and Health & Wellness Editor for torontoguardian.com, I knew that incorporating Thai Massage into my practice would round out my skills and make me a better fitness professional. What I hadn’t planned on was the deep self-exploration and personal growth that came with learning Thai Massage from Deanna. It has truly opened me up to reach for my highest potential, whether it is in giving a massage or training a client or even rock climbing (which is my new favourite hobby). I’m grateful for the opportunity to help strengthen and heal bodies both energetically and physically. Looking forward to meeting you on the mat or out trying the latest workout trends! 


Phoebe Intermediate Practitioner

$70/hr  Saturday (Toronto)

Thai Massage brings balance to my world and I get great satisfaction sharing the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of this practice with others. By training with Deanna Villa, I learned how this ancient healing art serves our modern context and how essential it is to counteracting the negative effects of our often over-scheduled, anxiety ridden and sedentary lifestyles. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Social and Ecological Sustainability and Thai Massage aligns with my belief that we need to prioritize choices that support the wellbeing of our environment and its people.   



Sine Senior Practitioner

$75/hr Monday & Tuesday – (Mississauga) | Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – (Toronto)

“What shall I do in my life?” has always been a central question for me, and for a long time with no answer.  Thai massage came into my life,  I found my answer.  Giving massage is my meditation. My soul has found a place where I am focused, connected and at peace with myself and those around me. Thai massage is my path to spirituality, and thus to life itself. Practicing and teaching Yoga evolves my massage practice. Yoga opened up my capacity to feel the body, sharpening my natural intuition and understanding of energy flow.  I humbly bow to the universe for this journey.  I also send my deep gratitude to Deanna and Juan for their support and love.

Patrick Master Practitioner

$90/hr   by appointment (Mississauga)

Patrick is a family oriented, compassionate man. He is a skilled Master Practitioner having obtained his certification in 2006 and continuing with advanced training with Deanna Villa. His ability to combine strength with sensitivity allows the receiver to experience skill and nurturing. He remains current by actively practicing and studying the art of Thai Massage and by donating his time at various yoga shows and events. His clients comment on his healing hands, generous and kind spirit.



Directors / Master Practitioner Teachers

Juan Villa Director / Master Practitioner Teacher

$120/hr  Toronto & Mississauga

I’ve been practicing energy work for over 30 years. I was introduced to Thai Massage by Deanna, and found it to be the best experience of any body work I have received or given. I have been studying Thai Massage for over ten years and have studied in Canada and Thailand. In addition to Thai Massage, I am a Reiki master and I practice Craniosacral. I love the energy of the massage and the results that the clients show. I love to see my clients grow physically, emotionally and mentally through our work with Thai Massage. Those are rewarding moments for me. When a client comes in I have to put his or her needs before my own and think, act and feel in terms of them. Doing that on a regular basis helps me grow emotionally and strengthens my understanding of humanity. The key elements of being able to help someone through Thai Massage are touch, energy, though, and feeling. Once I lay my hands on the client, I read the energy, which helps point to where I should go. The thought of demonstrating metta (loving-kindness) towards my client and feeling or sensing the client’s needs allows me to tailor the massage for the client.


Deanna Villa DNM Doctorate of Natural Medicine®
Director / Master Practitioner Teacher

$150/hr Toronto & Mississauga

This journey and exploration of Thai Massage began in 1998. Training in Thailand, the United States and in Canada with Master Teachers with diverse styles and methodologies rooted me in this ancient healing art of massage.  Tens of thousands of hands on hours in private massage practice evolved into my teaching style and the birth and evolution of our TMT school.  I always enjoy working with new clients, as the unfolding evolves during a session, exhale by exhale, press by press the tension evaporates, breathe elongates, muscles relax and a calm, focus returns.  This practice is always unfolding, expanding and fulfilling.  This is my life’s work.  I look forward to meeting you on the mat.
be well Deanna  :)